We Walk Our Own Path

Noam Levenson
3 min readJun 29, 2020

We have not chosen the easy way. We are among those who walk their own path with no one to tell us when to wake up or what to do or how to do it. We must figure that out on our own.

We have not chosen the easy way. We are among those who have decided to listen to a different voice. The voice inside us. That voice that, when listened to, makes us feel calm and still and whole. But this voice is quiet. Far quieter than the screams and cackles of those who offer money and advice and guidance for our freedom. Unless we sit and listen we do not hear it. When we don’t hear it we wander. Afraid and alone. Until we walk into the arms of those outside us. Or connect again to that within us.

At times we may have doubts. The path is not worn and no signs mark its turns. We see around us worn paths. Packed hard by the trod of millions of feet. Why not we think? That path is clean — a well-lighted place. So we turn and walk upon it. But then we feel that dissonance. Perhaps we ignore it for a while. Slightly further up, we think. Slightly further up and we will feel whole, harmonious. Beyond that turn is what we’re looking for. But that turn brings no peace. For it is not ours. It was paved by others who did not have us in mind. Doubt might cloud our minds. “Why am I not like those who seem to walk so straight and easy?” And we close our eyes and walk on.

But eventually, we turn. Into the thick of brambles. We don’t know why but something had to give. As though it was always meant to happen. For a band stretched taught must contract or snap.

We know that knowledge may be found outside but wisdom is only found within. We know that unless we follow our own path, listen to our own voice, we might find money, fame, success, power, but we will never feel whole. Never feel content. We will never be great.

So we refuse to listen to those who tell us there is one way to walk, one way to think, one way to be. We understand that our path is our path and no one else’s. We do not ask anyone to follow us on our path. We only encourage them to walk their own way.

So here is to you who walks a different path. Not my path. Yours. Those voices of doubt and fear are in my head as well. But they do not mean we are lost. No one can guide you for you to get where you are meant to go. Rather, that guide is alive in us right now. Whispering. Give it faith and give it a voice and it will give you that which you wish for most. Freedom and peace.

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