A Guide To Buying The Right NFTs

What To Look For When Buying JPEGs

What I look for in NFT Projects:

First, The Risks

My NFT Strategy:

I want to identify projects with strong communities, good ethics, and encouraging fundamentals that I believe will significantly increase in price. I am buying a little bit of many projects. Many of the projects will fail and go to zero. Some of them will do 10–100x. I want to try to catch several of those.

When things do go down I just generally accept the loss and hold. I’m not into selling at a loss, especially with something as unpredictable as NFTs.

When I do not make money…I consolidate into ETH, BTC, or other blue-chip NFTs.

Some of my rules for buying NFTs:

Do I mint NFTs?

How do I analyze an NFT Project?

A Little Unsolicited Advice




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