A Future Bluechip NFT? Superlative Secret Society

The Superlative Secret Society: An NFT Review

Noam Levenson
6 min readNov 8, 2021

Yeah, I also had to look up the definition of Superlative: “of the highest quality or degree.”

Superlative Secret Society (SSS) has taken over NFT Twitter. Currently, their floor is 0.26 ETH. They’re driven by a strong community, some enticing art, and a vision of creating a physical art gallery in Bali. The team aims to build a DAO around the NFT. I don’t know if they’ll rival Apes or Punks one day, but I do think they have the art, support, and team to have staying power.

#WeLikeTheArt is a trending hashtag associated with SSS…a solid hashtag to be taken up by your community.

Launch Date: September 22, 2021

Current Price: 0.26 ETH (on Nov. 8), up 354% from its mint price of 0.078 ETH. It’s held its floor pretty well during the ETH run.

Overall TLDR:

I like Superlative’s future. The collection has a strong, supportive community behind it and their NFTs are coveted art piece that people are actually printing. They’ve got excellent distribution across their holders and some big things in store. With ETH currently rising, I wouldn’t throw your last ETH in to, but if you have some liquidity and are looking for a solid piece to build your NFT collection, then look no further.

The market is cold on NFTs now. However, I think more money will be entering very soon.

The Art:

It’s genuinely cool. I could see putting something like that on my wall. I wouldn’t be the first…

Check it out for yourself. They’ve also been doing many joint art projects with other collections:

Sold for 12 ETH on OS

The community is passionate about the art. See here, you can link your NFT with this merch shop and buy a hoodie with your NFT printed on it.

The Fundamentals

Wallet Distribution:

Honestly, SSS has a very solid distribution across wallets.

No wallet has over 1% (which means they could be splitting between multiple accounts, but I didn’t see many signs of that), which tells me that there’s no real risk of people crashing the market with a flood. For comparison, BAYC also has a max of 1% held by any wallet.

Unique Holders:

There’s a good spread of NFTs across their holders with the 11,110 NFTS being distributed across 5760 unique holders. Compare this to 10,000 NFTs spread across 5,683 unique holders with BAYC.

The top 100 wallets only hold 16.3% of the tokens. Compare that to 20.0% for BAYC.

Only 15.63% of the total SSS supply is listed for sale. Most whales are not listing. The team informed me that they think this is because most whales are bullish given the December physical gallery launch.

One last stat, only 8.71% of the total SSS supply is listed below 1ETH.

The SSS Community

The community is very engaged and positive. The team has even called on the community to help get the project its OpenSea Blue Check, which the community responded to with zest (they got 726 retweets on that post) and quickly got their blue check.

The Team

The team is extremely involved. They post extensive explanations for decisions on their discord and receive community input. They also are really trying to be fair as they fix mistakes and deliver on their roadmap.

I’ve been in touch with the team and have been impressed with their responsiveness and vision.

Some Cool Features

SSS has a travel wallet, where 2% of the royalties go towards sponsoring community trips to Bali. As if this whole NFT thing couldn’t get any more crazy.

The Physical Bali Gallery — the team has already acquired land in Uluwatu Bali and they are in the process of building the physical gallery. I’m excited to see what that will look like. The gallery will display NFTs from other communities as well. Nice. I would expect, market conditions forgiving, that we’ll see a spike in the NFT at that point.

They made mistakes and their community stuck with them

They had some website issues upon launch and they were very open and transparent about them. The community rallied behind them.

They made a mistake which made the rarities be assigned according to the time you minted, meaning later minters didn’t have a chance to make rares. To address this problem, they’re doing something called…

The Repus — the Repus is a drop of 11,111 tokens at a price of 0.00 ETH to holders of SSS NFTs. There, the traits, including rare traits, will be distributed “in a way that levels the playing field.”

The Repus hasn’t happened yet. It’ll be an interesting thing to wait for.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy?

I’m in on them. I think that .26 ETH for Superlatives is a steal. Depending on how ETH does in the short term (and whether the NFT downtrend continues) I’ll give them an estimate of 1 ETH each by early 2022. I also think they will probably hold their price better than most projects as their community is heavily engaged.

Lessons from Superlatives for Builders

They struck gold on their art. That’s obviously something we’re all trying to do, but won’t necessarily succeed at. I think what they truly demonstrate is that if you provide value to your community, you don’t need to be perfect. Just be genuine and transparent and try to rectify any mistakes to the best of your ability.

Superlative Alpha

If you’d like to buy an SSS, here’re my recommended buys and some info on how traits work.

There’s a pretty substantial jump both in rarity and in beauty from .26 to .4 ETH. However, it’s always the best strategy to go for floor NFTs. They’ll always be the most liquid and easiest to price. Here below are the best floor options available now. If you feel so inspired, you can buy one of them for .4 ETH.

A floor one at 0.27 ETH
Another floor one at 0.27 ETH
A nice one at .389 ETH

Honestly, I think there’s really good value to find here. But please do your own research and all that jazz. I do lose money too, so it’s unwise to trust me blindly. NFT prices fluctuate wildly.

I intentionally did not paywall this article. If it was valuable to you and you want to support this work, tips are greatly appreciated.

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