Lessons in cryptocurrencies from the past and a look towards the future

There are some things you can only learn after investing through several market cycles. It’s a fact — the perspectives and approaches you take when investing in bitcoin and other digital assets (or anything really) are entirely different the first time you invest than after the second or third cycle. With your first investment, you certainly lack the historical context, but even more importantly, you don’t know what it feels like to invest in crypto. If you are to be successful in investing in digital assets, you must understand the industry sentiment, the psychological baggage that investors carry with them…

And how to live what you know to be true

We Jews just finished the month of Elul which constitutes a time of t’shuvah before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. T’shuvah is commonly translated as “repentance,” although this is a poor semantic representation for the Jewish concept. The process of t’shuvah, at its core, is a return to self, to our inner truths — the word in Hebrew, תשובה‎ — literally means, “return.” T’shuvah is the return to the things we know to be true, to be valuable for us, to be healthy for us, but for some reason, we cannot embrace. Professor and popular author, Brené Brown, says…

And what it means for all of us

Central banks are in deep — like “$250 trillion dollars and 50x leveraged” deep. What do central banks do when basically the LAST THING ANYONE EVER EXPECTS happens? What do central banks do when a global pandemic threatens to disrupt the house of cards they’ve spent 20 years so carefully constructing?

They do whatever it takes, that’s what.

We have not chosen the easy way. We are among those who walk their own path with no one to tell us when to wake up or what to do or how to do it. We must figure that out on our own.

We have not chosen the easy way. We are among those who have decided to listen to a different voice. The voice inside us. That voice that, when listened to, makes us feel calm and still and whole. But this voice is quiet. Far quieter than the screams and cackles of those who offer money and advice…

Fear and misinformation run rampant: Here’s a constructive guide to thinking about the future

A thank you to Itamar Medved for the edits and the insightful conversations.

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Markets are collapsing. Fear spreads. Everyone looks to everyone else for answers. This article is about trying to understand the big picture. This article won’t give you answers, but it will help you think clearly about the issues. I hope that my thought process gives you a framework with which to formulate your opinions and preparations better.

These articles will cover several angles, including the potential economic impact of such a pandemic. With this first article, I focused on understanding what we can about the trajectory of…

A Pocket Guide To Modern Monetary Theory and Why It Matters

A Pocket Guide To Modern Economics

There’s a reason financial cons are everywhere. Because they’re easy. I think it’s because money intimidates people. Their eyes glaze over when they hear the words ‘interest rates.’ Like yours probably did when you read “Modern Monetary Theory.” And it’s made intentionally more complicated by those people whose job it is to convince others that finances are not to be self-managed — that our financial system is so complicated that only they can understand it.

As long as the market is in the green, there’s no reason to challenge the status quo. If it works, don’t fix it. Trillions of…

Libra is the offshore oil rig of data collection. Drill baby drill.

Oh Facebook. I remember when you were just a kid, full of people’s lunch menus, workout pics, and the occasional political ramble (ok, so some things never change). Now you’re trying to create a cryptocurrency. It was easy to be excited when Libra was first announced: “This must mean big things for Bitcoin and for cryptocurrencies of all sorts.” That excitement quickly faded.

It’s honestly a shame Facebook is even calling Libra a cryptocurrency. It’s one big facade. …

Telegram’s war with Russian authorities may soon become crypto’s war — we should learn wisely

Lessons from Telegram and lessons from ZenGo: Building decentralized and censorship services in a centralized world

Telegram has been the white horse in the battle for data protection, privacy, and open-source software. They’ve taken on Russian censorship head-on, reportedly survived multiple FBI infiltration attempts, and faced down crackdowns by at least 6 different countries. What many crypto and blockchain proponents fail to understand is that Telegram’s war will soon become their war. By understanding the battlefield and the tactics being employed by both sides, we can understand where decentralized technology may still be vulnerable.

We’re still perfecting blockchain security. We’ve…

The Comprehensive, Non-techies’ Guide To The Lightning Network

Try to read blockchain news without coming across references to the Lightning Network (LN). Crypto Twitter and Reddit are on fire with discussions about the Bitcoin scaling solution, and rightfully so! The network has exploded in recent months and actual products are being purchased with the help of Lightning. Browse casually and it may seem like Lightning is the solution to all our scalability problems — Bitcoin’s long-awaited Messiah. If only things were so simple.

Today, the debate over the future (and effectiveness) of the LN rages stronger than ever. It transcends to a much larger disagreement: that over the…

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